Cool stuff made from recycled plastic bottles

So given that there is absolutely no much longer a need to make plastic beverage containers from petroleum, what you can do with the millions produced currently? Drink bottles are produced from PET generally, which doesn't readily decompose. Therefore, those bottles tend destined for landfill or to become an addition to the huge pacific plastic floating gyre. But you can find alternatives. Here is SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and around the globe, some crafty creative people are thinking up cool ways to reuse and recycle plastic beverage bottles and some pretty amazing products are the result.

What do these things have as a common factor: a yo-yo, a catamaran, a fleece pullover, and park benches? They are able to all be produced from recycled plastic containers. Actually, the bottle you recycle in your own city can become spun into a couple of mittens worn by a child who lives in China or the liner of the Patagonia down jacket.

The journey starts within your recycling bin. Following that, your curbside recycling services brings it to a sorting center. Each kind of plastic is certainly sorted and squished into huge bales for shipping. Just one bale can consider upwards of 1,000 pounds and contain over 6,000 bottles. The bales are after that offered to reclaimers from the truckload. Reclaimers are companies that help procedure recycled plastic.

The bales are torn apart by a machine called a bale breaker and put onto a conveyor belt. Up coming, machines shred the plastic into tiny flakes, that are washed, rinsed and dried. The clean plastic flakes are melted and subjected to a machine named an extruder then, which squishes the plastic into spaghetti-like strands. The strands are chopped into pellets finally, which can be purchased across the global world to all kinds of manufacturers.

Can you envisage journeying 9,000 kilometers for four months on plastic containers? That is exactly what David de Rothschild and his staff did this past year if they sailed from SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA to Sydney, Australia. David and his team crafted the 'Plastiki,' a 60-foot (18 m) catamaran crafted from 12,500 reclaimed plastic containers and other recycled Family pet plastic plastic pelletizer and waste materials products. The craft was built using cradle to cradle design philosophies and features many alternative energy systems, including solar power panels, trailing propeller and wind generators, and bicycle generators. David de Rothschild performed the eco-stunt to improve understanding about recycling and making use of waste products as assets.

Imagine if you could build your own island out of discarded plastic containers? Richart Sowa from Britain did that. Rishi, an former mate carpenter, grew sick and tired of the rat-race and found refuge over the Mexican Caribbean coast where he began collecting plastic bottles for extra cash. Struck by the perfect idea, Rishi began bagging the containers in fishnets and floating them in the bay. On top of the bottles a bamboo was constructed by him frame, which he covered with plywood and sand and viola then, Rishi developed his individual island which he called Spiral isle! The island is complete with mangroves, almonds, lime and spinach trees, a solar oven, self composting toilet, running drinking water and solar panels, the whole lot!

It seems the options for recycled/reused plastic bottles are endless, which creates a lot more incentive to prevent them from ending up in the garbage. Do you know of any great creative uses of recycled plastic bottles within the populous city? If so, I'd like to hear about them.

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